About the Anubis Oracle

Any divination tool is only as good as the diviner, for the one who is divining makes the connections and interprets what the cards or other devices are showing. As above, so below; as without, so within: when you read and interpret the oracle from any outer manifestation, this deck included, the results will mirror and reflect your inner world and the energies you bring to the table. Many components of your physical Earth walk merge to create these energies, including what is happening in your personal life and your environment leading up to and at the time of your reading, your DNA, the outer cosmologies associated with your life (such as your astrology and karma), and the energies of your ancestors as infused through the ka.

Ka is the vital essence that comes to us from our spiritual source, the collective soul of creation. While it is sometimes referred to as our etheric double, it may be more accurate to think of ka as a field of intelligence and universal life force that surrounds us and is woven through and around every cell and molecule of our being. It’s as if we are held in the embrace of the great ancestral neteru (the family of the dieties of Egypt) who inhabit this field. You can increase awareness of your ka body when you are fully present and allow the breath of life and consciousness to move through you.

All these outer influences interface with one another through your awareness. They reach into and touch the heart of your being when you connect with the oracle, and in that moment you are gifted with numinous sight, which is simply an awareness of what is.

Developing Oracular Insight

Consulting an authentic oracle is not the same as fortune-telling. If you’re paying attention, you will recognize how the cards show up as a reflection of your inner world. This is synchronicity and insight rather than coincidence. As you work more extensively with the oracle, you will find yourself looking back at the lessons of your life and understanding them in a deeper way. By comprehending the bigger picture, you can look to the past and have an intuitive sense of where you are headed; you can make choices in action, thought, and deed from a place of inner knowing.

The oracle is the key to the unconscious mind. It is an outward manifestation and representation of a rich, invisible world. Invisible in this context does not mean without substance. This invisibility pertains only to the limited or ego-dominated mind. Anubis, the opener of the way, is the jackal deity who paves the way before us and guides us into the use of this oracle and into perceiving the world of the neteru. We can develop his keen sensitivities, visible in his upright ears, which are poised to hear the slightest subtle shifts. When you have the eyes to see and the ears to hear—when all your senses are turned on and active—you can perceive the brilliant, radiant reality of the neteru. It is brimming with life, like a lush, full, and fertile pond teeming with fish and algae, lilies and frogs.

This alternate and vibrant reality is where the neteru live. Working with the Anubis Oracle provides access into this inner, neter-world where we can learn directly from these wise archetypal principles.

Although everyone has the inherent ability to see into the mysteries, the oracle gives us a key to unlock the unconscious inner world known to the ancient Egyptians as the Duat, so that we can incorporate the principles that reside there into our daily physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual lives. As the oracle awakens the mysteries in our lives, our sixth, or intuitive, sense helps us perceive and be able to articulate what we learn and experience there.

The ability to develop oracular skill is inherent in humans: it is our natural birthright; no one is exempt. When we interact with this potential, we develop an intimate relationship that opens our natural senses to insight and foresight so that we can make better decisions as to what actions we take in the world. This sacred tool shows us where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going; it helps us take responsibility for making the changes we need to make to become co-creators of our reality, our destiny, and our world.

Anubis Oversees this Deck

In the pantheon of Egyptian deities, Anubis is a prince of peace. With his guidance, inner peace and calmness can be found during dark and stressful times. Having spent considerable time in the Underworld, he has been through all the challenges that each of us faces, and he understands every plight we encounter. He is a great travel companion in the world.

He is also a wonderful guide and counselor, a loyal companion, and has tremendous insight, intuition, compassion, and intelligence. His senses are acute and keenly attuned, so that he is an excellent pathfinder and navigator throughout this world and in the multitudes of dimensions within and beyond.

When you work with this deck, you’re engaging in a relationship with Anubis. Open to all the love he has for you; his love will permeate every reading.

Although Anubis appears as a dark being with a jackal head, all intimidation will drop away as you come to know him, for he exudes a sense of warmth and comfort to all who take the time to build this relationship. The jackal is a member of the canine family —though compared to Fluffy the lapdog, he’s the savvy wild cousin; the jackal is no pet. To become a member of his family, however, is to enjoy his loyalty and fierce protection, and many other canine attributes.

Anubis is a bridge between the canine world and the family of man; he ushers many of the canine attributes into our experience. Inclusive within the archetypal principle of Anubis is the visionary prophet, the oracular being who moves between the worlds and dimensions to inform us and open the way for deeper understanding and direction. In ancient Egypt he presided over the shamanic rituals of death and renewal. Anubis helps us to move into a heart-centered perspective, he teaches us how to transform through making that which is hidden, or unconscious, conscious.

When we work with his oracle, we develop compassionate sight and learn to see with the heart/mind. As we develop our inner visionary capacities, we gravitate toward a compassionate response to ourselves and to the world. We are able to see all facets of situations, and their relationship to the larger archetypal stories and principles that are behind the physical, three-dimensional experience of our reality. We are reminded of our original intention for being, the initial imprint of our soul’s purpose. It is from that remembered state of shamanic conscious-ness that we step forward into the world and speak our heart’s truth with the ability to co-create a vision of hope for the world.

Structure of the Deck:

The Anubis Oracle Deck includes thirty-five cards. We begin with an unnumbered Key Card to establish Anubis as the primary overseer and guide for your journey into this oracle. Cards numbered 0 through 21 represent the unique archetypal principles known as the neteru that speak through this oracle. Cards 22 through 25 represent the elder neteru in their elemental expressions. Eight additional composite cards are numbered with roman numerals from I to VIII.

The cards numbered 0 to 21 are similar to the Major Arcana in tarot. They represent individual neteru, each expressing his or her full and unique essence. Cards 22 to 25 are the four heads of the suits, or the elements, similar to the aces in a conventional deck. While they do not appear in the form of persons or animals, these are four additional neteru in their own unique elemental manifestation. Each conveys the archetypal power of the specific force or element. Finally, the composite cards (I–VIII) depict combinations of neteru bringing their particular energies together. These cards represent the Minor Arcana, which in this oracle consists of combinations of the deities that represent the principles at play in the personal stories of the seeker, and the various rites of passage or portals of initiation available.

When you relate to one of the individual neteru cards, you create a one-on-one experience with the deity or element represented. When you draw a composite, you’re working with the energy of a group of archetypes. You will find that it’s a fun and fascinating process to get to know the individual neteru cards and from there come to understand the ways the deities combine their energies in the composite cards. The Anubis Oracle contains much information and many suggestions to assist you on your way. In the end, your journey will be a highly individualized one that you will discover and create as you open your own energies to those of the neteru. Welcome to the shamanic mysteries of Inner Egypt, your guide to the inner workings of the soul.

Layouts or Spreads

We brought in the instructions for this deck through a process of divining based on our relationships with the neteru.

The book that comes with the cards includes eight layouts, or spreads, that are based on the eight composite cards. The number of cards used, the ways they’re positioned, and the themes each spread works with are all determined by the composite that informs the spread. The more you work with the cards and these specific layouts, the more the relationships will reveal themselves and the more layers of meaning you will find in the alchemical mix you are dealt.

The book also includes some sample readings to give you specific examples of how to utilize these layouts so that you can see how to interpret the cards drawn based on their placement in the particular spread at hand. As we continue to develop this website, it is our intention to include samples of some of these layouts.

In the end, it is your intuitive interaction with the cards is far more important than any of our written explanations. Just being with the images and allowing your intuition to bring forth an interpretation will yield information that is trustworthy.

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