Reading the Spreads
Examples of some practical applications of the Oracle

Transcript of an Anubis Oracle reading with Nicki Scully and Gloria Taylor Brown, from an "A Voice for Spirit" broadcast September 25, 2008.

Question: What is it that keeps me from moving forward and finishing things? How do we get things done?

Using the Alchemy layout #8 in the book

This is the perfect layout for a question such as this. All of the layouts for this deck are based on the composite cards. Many of you have the Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt book, you can look at the last composite image in the book with the 4 elements on a shield around Akasha represented by the swirl in the center of the shield. You have the Nile representing water, you have the desert representing fire, you have the pyramid representing the earth, and you have the akh bird, the sacred crested ibis, representing the element of air.

The layout that got drawn for this is perfect. It is called Alchemy and the way the layouts work in these readings is that you decide what reading you’re going to do and then you pull the number of cards that the reading shows. In this layout it calls for 5 cards. One for each of the four elements and one for Akasha. If you are looking at the image of the shield the cards are drawn and placed on each of those elements starting with the Nile, and then the pyramid and then the desert, and the ibis and then Akasha. What it will reveal is who from the pantheon is coming to participate in the alchemy to give you the tools that you need to be able to complete things.

So any of you that have projects on your plate that you’re having problems with or that have been there for a long time this question will give you the allies that are associated with the elements that you need to mix in your alchemical cauldron in order to complete things. This is for all projects but it will also pertain to your specific project. The reading itself will come out like a formula.

Shuffle the cards. Take a minute to pour love upon your Heartflame. . . . . . .Notice how it brightens and expands . . . . . . and then breathe the Heartbreath drawing from Earth and sky simultaneously filling your body and right into your heart with the powers of Earth and sky and your love. And that mixes and makes an alchemy within you and when you exhale that radiance spreads through every cell and molecule of your body and out into the world illuminating and waking you up tickling the consciousness of the neteru within your DNA and bringing the internal oracular wisdom to the fore of you consciousness. When you exhale direct your breath towards the cards so your intention is going right into the cards as we are shuffling them. We are all connected by our Heartfires and we continue to breathe like bellows.

Now we are all together here and the cards are energized, I’m spreading them out. Gloria is drawing the cards.

Bast #11 First we have #11 which is Bast in the place of Water

Second we have the Alchemy card in the place of Earth or the pyramids.

Third we have the Hanged Man – Anubis in the place of Fire.

Fourth we have Khepera - the scarab beetle in the place of Air.

And in the very center we have card #2 which is the Sacred Relationship card which is the 2nd composite.

So what you have here is a very strong reading. We have 2 composite cards and one of the composites is the Alchemy card itself. This is very, very strong whenever you have any of the images that are on the layout that you choose that doubles the potency of it

Let’s start with the Water card. In this reading the Water card is occupied by the goddess Bast. What we know about water is that it is fluid, and sensuous, and our emotions are found in the river. There’s a quality of sensuousness in Bast. When you see the image of Bast (in the book it is image #11) you will see that Bast is holding up the grapes. She is standing there in all her sensuality as this fertile goddess who is dangling the grapes, actually offering them over to where Anubis is hanging from the tree as if to say, “You can have these grapes but you are going to have to surrender first. You are going to have to die and be reborn in a shamanic rite in order to fully regenerate yourself and to fully taste the riches and fullness of life.

Because after all when we choose to be born onto this planet we are coming from that place of oneness that we all seem to crave, that expanded place of consciousness where we know we are one with creation. Then we have to contract into our birth and in this process we lose our memory of the fullness of who we are. And yet you have to have a body to actually taste life, to actually eat chocolate or taste wine. You have to have a body to have those experiences. So it’s kind of a trade off and we are in a constant cycle of being born again and again and what this is speaking to is that in the manifestation process we come from the primordial waters of the river Nile and it is this goddess, Bast, who is here to remind us that when we allow ourselves to manifest fully than we can fully enjoy the riches of life. And so it’s a very potent ally to come in the place of the Nile as we begin this reading and in view of what we are looking at.

Then we move to the second card which is in the place of the pyramid which is the element Earth. The Pyramid talks about the foundation. When you look at a pyramid what makes it so strong and so enduring is that it has such a strong foundation. It is geometrically the strongest, most stable, configuration on the planet. If we build all of the things that we attempt to create in our lives, that we are trying to manifest, from a solid foundation they will be more likely to get completed and be more likely to endure. When you have a card such as the Alchemy card that has all the elements present then it means that you just simply have to remember that you have everything you need. All the tools are there for you.

You are the alchemist and and if you could see the sacred purpose to every single task that is before you, and bring yourself fully present, and bring all those elements to those tasks then it doesn’t matter if you are cleaning the house or setting up a music festival. Whatever it is that is on your plate if you approach it with that same presence of sacred purpose then not only will it happen, perhaps better than you could have imagined, but you will recognize the sacredness of every moment and every act you do and of every act of creation on this planet. You will realize that you are co- creating with the most ancient of Neteru – the elements themselves. And that’s one of the things that you learn in both the Anubis Oracle and The Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt..

So then we move to the desert. When you asked the question, I had this sense of you as though you’re out there feeling the heat of not doing the things you need to do. What the desert and the fire does for you, when you allow yourself to fully experience that fire, is that’s your place of transformation that’s where all the dross gets burned off that makes way for you to move forward. So the desert has long been a place where people throughout history have gone to vision quest to get their vision, to find their muse and inspiration for creation. In this case we have Anubis hanging from the Tree of Life bound and held by the serpent who is Thoth, the wisdom, who knows exactly when the moment is right to release Anubis so that he will dive into the river and be guided by his father Osiris and be regenerated and be reborn again. So you have to die to be reborn again. To have this card show up in that Desert position with that Fire indicates that all of us in some ways are at a change point in our life. Before changing we are all hung from a tree.

We all have to be turned upside down in order to have a completely different perception of reality and to surrender ourselves to a greater will than our own. If this process involves us doing tasks that we wouldn’t normally than it is just as joyful an act to do something you normally wouldn’t want to do and it is as much a part of your process as any other thing that might be on your plate to do. So it really changes your perception about things. When you surrender that’s when you have the opportunity to renew yourself and taste those luscious grapes that Bast is holding before you. That’s a real rite of passage card. And going into the desert is a rite of passage so I will just let you all take it from there.

The next card in this reading represents the element Air as expressed by the sacred crested ibis - our beloved Thoth in the akh form in the form of the fully realized divine human. What’s auspicious about Khepera showing up in the divine human spot is that the scarab beetle is the protector of our blessed planet. The scarab beetle is shown here wrapped around and enfolding the Earth in its wings. Those gossamer wings wrapped around the Earth that way it’s almost like the Earth’s atmosphere. It is through that atmosphere that all of the cosmic rays, the stellar rays, the planetary influences and the significant influences of their alignments, everything comes into us through Khepera as that planetary guardian. We call this card the Cycles of Change because he is the spiral dancer who from that position knows when every one of us is in need of this or that energy, or whether those energies need to be filtered just so, so that the person can go through their cycles.

This set, both books and the deck, is designed to help us remember that we are constantly in the bog then as we go through things we begin to see them in terms of the bigger pictures and the cycles of life. And then we go, “Oh yeah the rug just got pulled out from under me again.” Or, “I have to surrender and it’s just more than I can handle right now and then, “Oh yeah I’ve been here before.” And you know that it’s part of the cycle and you know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. But now you have the opportunity to be aware of all these Neteru and how they can assist you as you go through all these rites. And Khepera is the one who mitigates those changes. It’s no accident that he comes in the place of air because he is, as I said, like the atmosphere that surrounds us and as we come into alignment with him we can also remember that he is the Becoming One. He is the dawn sun, the first rays of the morning sun that nourish us before the heat of the day. So even though we might go through our rite of passage by Fire, that surrender, we will return to the dawn and the morning sun that nourishes us and have that great ally Khepera to help us mitigate the influences that are bombarding us at all time and especially during the chaos of this time.

So, in terms of manifesting, it looks like we have gotten a spread that gives you a wide range of not only support and allies but also an opportunity to actually look at the whole process of creation in a new way and with the help and support of this pantheon through this oracle.

Gloria wants me to pull a card. So guess who showed up? Sekhmet comes riding in on her chariot of cobras. What’s really cool about this is that the next card, which is the final card of this reading, is the roman numeral II – the Sacred Relationship card which includes Khnum, Sobek, Horus, Sekhmet, and the Sphinx. What it is saying is – we have a composite card right in the center, in the A.kasha so it’s coming right from creation. And at the very top of that card is Sekhmet so she is doubling her power. So here’s the deal for all of you looking at this question of “How do we get the things done that we just really don’t want to do? How do we complete things?” Sekhmet is coming in here to emphasize that we don’t have time to mess around. There’s too much going on and we are all just too much needed with the service that we’ve been trained for to be mucking around and getting lazy in our lives. We just plain don’t have time for it.

So, we have all that we need. We have all of the elements at our beck and call, and when you look at this card (if you have the book you can look at the second composite card) you’ll see that it is the pantheon version of the Alchemy card where you have Akasha in the middle of the element card here you have the Sphinx in the center here. The Sphinx is the Egyptian pantheon’s doorway to the Akashic record. It is the library. It is our direct connect to the stars. At the very center of this reading you have the direct connection to your marching orders so you really have no excuse. All you ever have to do is listen and if you have a problem listening just take yourself to the Sphinx, open your heart, ask for what you need, or simply listen. That is your transmitter to home to your home and source in the starts that is at the very center of this. Then you have the elements surrounding it. Below you have Khnum, representing the element Earth, who is the creator god who builds our bodies on his potters wheel. He’s looking at Khepera who is holding your heart in the canopic jar. Those of you have done the rites in Egypt or from the book know that this card represents one of the most important rites of passage that any of us can accomplish at this time in our lives. So all of the guidance you need is here.

In this spread you see yourself surrendering to death. You see yourself being reborn and receiving the gifts of life. You see yourself with all the elements and protection that you need. And here at the very center is the operation of alchemy that will work for any situation and any obstacles that are in your way. Horus is on your left and Sobek is on your right. In the Anubis Oracle deck the two of them together is card #6 which in most decks is the Lovers. What it is in this deck is Reconciliation of Opposites, forgiveness and understanding. So anytime you get stuck, anytime you have a hard time completing something you need to look inside yourself and see what conflict is happening inside of you that is stopping your forward progress.

And you can work with these allies that are presenting themselves to you. Horus represents the new forward direction. Sobek represents the ancient wisdom and knowledge upon which we were founded but we have evolved so much forward from that now we have this neo-cortex brain. The reptilian brain that Sobek represents is still functioning. It looks after the autonomic functions so that we don’t have to spend our time and energy figuring out how to breathe or the basic functions of life. Our heart beats we don’t have to think about it. We breathe. So much of our complex being is functioning without our having to do anything about it. Things work in our bodies and we don’t have to think about it. With Horus we have this new opportunity of thinking and functioning in a new way. So when the old and the new come into conflict guess how we solve it, especially now when we don’t have time to muck about in that conflict?

Sekhmet comes in. You hold the two polarities inside yourself and you stand in her fire. As you stand there her fire consumes you. And in that fire there is a softening that will happen in your heart and that’s where you begin to recognize the possibility of forgiveness and the compassion that results. That frees up the energy so that you can then move forward and complete whatever creation or manifestation you are attempting to accomplish in your life and this world. And you can look at this entire reading personally and transpersonally because it is really also a wonderful reading for what is happening in the world for all of us right now as we are surrounded by the chaos surrounding us politically, economically, in our families, in our workplace. It’s everywhere. We are so consumed with it that sometimes we just want to stop and we can’t go forward anymore.

So this is your recipe, this is the alchemy and the formula you’ve got it twice here. You’ve got it with the elements up in the manifestation card and you’ve got it with the pantheon with the Neteru right in the center with the spirit or Akasha card. Everything you need is here and it’s really up to you to not only just do but to get to know the allies that are supporting you. Take these rights. Having this card in this place means that we are all individually and collectively dealing with these issues and here are the allies and the formula to accomplish it. This is everyone’s walk right now. I would highly recommend that those of you who have Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt read cards 4,5,6,7, and take those rites and you will find yourself renewed again. And that river is going to start flowing and those grapes are going to taste so good.

When I opened this deck of course Anubis was on the top and this reminded me that Anubis is the key card. You can choose to leave him in the deck or, as I chose this time, to put him on the top above the reading. I really need to pay honor because this is Anubis’s deck and Anubis is offering us the key to these oracular realms.

Anubis, the jackal god, is known as the opener of the way. This underworld character, who has been very unfairly demonized in a lot of stories and tales, is truly the heart shaman priest. He presides over these rites and this Oracle and has called forth all of these allies to come in support of us. In a sense the completion of this deck and these two bodies of work are his coming out party. They are in celebration of Anubis who having spent millennium in the underworld is now coming forth into the light, in that beautiful full moon, and offering us the keys to this wisdom. So he is there for us, he is there for this work and he will always be accessible to anyone who works with this book and deck. So thank you Anubis.